Domestic Farming

Chickens are among the easiest of livestock to raise in a small space. We are here to help you establish a sound, functional home for your domestic fowl. We provide custom designs for chicken coops to accommodate for identifiable benefits. We listen to understand your considerations, ideas in mind, and what’s practical for you.

Food safety is a very important factor for us. We assure to build structures in line with local capacity laws. Our structures include nesting spaces, and unique solutions that make it much easier to keep clean and significantly reduce health threats. Additionally, we budget space for natural benefits like edible plants including fruit trees, garden beds and berry bushes. Keep in mind that our assemblies aren’t limited to chickens, space can be altered for ducks and we design kennels for furry friends. Let’s create a domestic farming space that’s more beneficial for egg laying, breeding, future growth, and the environment.

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