We offer professional and reliable custom carpentry service, providing a wide range of projects such as handmade kitchen cabinets, shelves, decking and much more. Our carpentry is both time and material efficient; we do our best each time to execute the project on time and within budget.

We understand that remodeling brings burdensome tasks, however, we love the process. All the planning, designing, and building; we will genuinely care about your project. We have the tools, skills, as well as a strong desire to help while preserving the environment in incremental ways.

Our custom pieces offer rustic décor. Classic, reliable comforts fitted for your space add charming furniture to transform open space into a home. We apply design principles important to us, like building something of quality that lasts, keeping it simple, maximizing material use while minimizing waste, and the use basic tools. Though you certainly aren’t limited to the following, custom furniture projects include:

  1. Large beds, bunk beds, and lofts
  2. Side and end tables
  3. Desks and extended work surfaces
  4. Bookcases and shelving
  5. Dining and coffee tables
  6. Awnings
  7. Benches
  8. Gazeebos

Our work is in-house, saving time and resources for reliable custom carpentry. Choosing us means personal, local service that’s in reach. Whatever design idea you have, our experience will be able to bring it to life.

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