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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusions

"Community Colleges Ensuring College Access in the Community" is a paper I submitted for my 2-year Issues and Challenges course. I satisfied the Community College and the Community requirement by writing on College Access Programs (CAP). This artifact also falls under the “Equity, Diversity, and Inclusions” competency since CAP identifies and recruits high-risk underrepresented students in junior and high school in its community to get them acclimated to Higher Education. The most widely recognized traditional College Access Programs are the Federal TRIO programs. In this paper, I discussed access programs as a whole and discussed in detail Upward Bound and Talent Search. I also discussed GEAR UP as an access program because it is commonly found at community colleges.


Access to Higher Education should be for everyone and not just the traditional student that can afford the tuition. College Access Programs at community colleges give a wider diverse group of students an opportunity to Higher Education that they probably would not otherwise have.