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Mout Zion

Family Worship Center




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Visiting this website was designed to feel like visiting the church for the very first time by quickly answering a few questions and give a strong idea of what to expect. This website was set on a solid foundation as its plan was to appeal to three specific groups.

The client is located in a college town and only 8 miles away from an Army base. Thus, the plan was to focus towards students, military families, and the local community. The goal was to produce strong articles that really exposed what visitors to expect and some of what was expected of them. I thought it’d be a bit preachy, however, talking about expectations can be comforting when entering an unfamiliar religious center. According to their feedback, actual possible parishioners reported that they were much more comfortable visiting after viewing the site.

Clean, clean, clean, but still purple was my color story. I wanted visiting this site to be succinct with re-visiting the site across the devices, as the site will sometimes be used as a resource or visual aide during actual services. And that meant larger, bold titles, borders, and easy-to-find resources. Thus, it is fiercely responsive. I went with a full drop-down navigation bar simply because this site has a lot to offer; it has a lot that it wants to communicate and a grid would do the trick.