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One of a Kind Precious Jewels

Online Jewelry Store




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I received the chance to create this site from the ground up, which means there was a lot of background work to do : ) The client and I discussed their goals of creating a website where they could showcase handmade creations, make them available for online purchase, and help establish the growing company with an online presence.

The focus would be creating an experience where visitors can immediately see high-resolution photos to showcase high-quality gem work. We wanted to make sure dedicate a lot of the real estate to hi-rez photos in a variety lights so a visitor can get a very good sense of what every gem of the creation was, its colors, translucency, and its actual size to establish trust and encourage concrete purchases, while establishing the brand.

The site is primarily styled with a cool violet hue against black. The styling is a bit subdued, however, as we wanted the beauty of the items to express a variety of colors and let that color-story be the linking theme of the style—keeping in mind the goal of really showcasing the quality of the items.

The question of online security was very important, and my resolution was to create a site that would work smoothly with an online pay portal. PayPal® was a good choice as it’s popular, secure, offers customer service and troubleshooting support, and the company could avoid security complications by assuring all purchases weren’t authorized through the site.